New Waste Technology Taking the World by Storm

Over the last few years, waste-processing technology has been completely revolutionised. One such example of this is the micro autoclave fibre production plant that was opened by the UK-based waste specialist, Wilson Bio-Chemical in late 2016.   This plant is able to turn solid municipal waste into biomass fibre that can be used to convert Read More

What are the Negative Effects of Marine Waste?

Each year, eight million metric tonnes of waste finds its way into our oceans. This is the equivalent of 16 plastic bags (filled with plastic) for every metre of coastline around the world, excluding Antarctica. Given these figures, it’s not surprising that marine waste is becoming a global concern. What is Marine Waste? Marine waste Read More

Is Your Coffee Addiction Harming the Environment?

ABC’s recent mini-series, War on Waste, has drawn attention to a number of waste issues affecting Australia. As a waste management company in Perth, we’re no strangers to the rubbish epidemic that’s plaguing our nation, which is why we value the extra exposure and waste initiatives that have been explored in the series. Australia’s coffee Read More

Uninhabited Pacific Island Covered in 38 Million Pieces of Trash

Have you ever wondered where our waste ends up after it finds its way into the ocean? Australian scientists recently found out when they discovered an uninhabited island in the Pacific Islands that was covered with an estimated 38 million pieces of rubbish! Upon their arrival, the scientists found the tiny island in the middle Read More

Extreme Hoarding

  Many of us have seen TV shows dedicated to cleaning out houses that are filled to the brim with rubbish, or have read horror stories about extreme hoarders, but have you ever really given hoarding much thought? Examples of the extreme are not hard to find, with a man in his 70s burning alive Read More