Top Household Items You Can Recycle

With the average person generating around 4.5 pounds of waste on a daily basis, the amount of garbage produced in total is a huge problem. That is why it is essential to know what can be recycled.

The benefits that arise from recycling are enormous. Apart from reducing the greenhouse gas emissions, recycling helps save space in our homes, workspaces, streets and dumping zones. In addition, this helps reduce the number of resources used to convert an item into another usable item like energy and water. Not only does this practice help save money, but it is good for the planet and every individual person. Can you imagine how much you can save on the business charges or monthly home expenses with recycling?

Junk mail and cards

You can recycle most of the mail that comes to your home by placing a recycling bin next to the door where you retrieve your mail. Not only does this help you remember to recycle junk mail as you back inside, but you can leave the empty envelopes in the bin once you’ve opened and read your mail. Instead of throwing away paper, you can drop it outside the church or school bins which they can use to run their different affairs.


It is normally hard to find yourself re-reading a book or novel twice, especially when there are others you are yet to read. Instead of just stocking and letting these books eat into your storage space, you can donate or sell them. Book collectors are always eager to find books to buy on sites such as EBay and Etsy. Alternatively, churches and libraries are always ready to accept these donations whole-heartedly.

Shredded paper

When they are not packed well, they can blow all over the place causing a big mess. Shredded paper is usually accepted by curbside recycling programs, although if they are cut too small it becomes difficult to make new paper. Alternatively, you can use the shredded paper to make compost together with food scraps which can provide you with free, nutritious and rich compost. This act is called vermicomposting, which reduces food waste.

Ink cartridges

Ink cartridges usually contain toxic chemicals which should not be disposed of in the trash. Most stationery businesses accept used cartridges for recycling. By doing so, you can receive a discount on the next purchase of the cartridge you make thus earning you some extra income.

Disposable cups and plates

Whenever you have a barbeque or party at your house, there are always disposable cups and plates used to avoid all the cleaning of glasses. Instead of heaping them up in the trash bin, you can recycle them. The majority of the plastic cups and plates can be compost. By shredding them and laying them underneath your mulch, around the base of your flowers and plants, they can break down in several weeks. This can then help retain moisture in the soil and provide nutrients for your flowers and plants.

Recycling waste does not have to be a chore. Learning to always practice recycling can help save you income and make your life better in more ways than one. So the next time you have guests over and there is waste all over, be sure to recycle the waste and make the environment a better place! Talk to us at to learn more!