Is Automated Waste Collection the Future of Public Waste Disposal?

According to the Maroochydore City Council on the Sunshine Coast, it is. The local council made headlines back in 2016 when they announced plans to “ditch wheelie bins in high-tech rubbish revolution”, and with stage one of the project due to be completed later this year, it looks like public waste disposal as we know Read More

How to Handle Your Post-Christmas Clean-Up

Over the Christmas period, Australians from across the country spread their Yuletide joy by exchanging presents, decorating their homes and businesses, and eating more food than any one person should. However, what a lot of people don’t often talk about is the aftermath. We’re talking about the piles of unwanted gifts or the second-hand items Read More

How To Deal With Household Hazardous Waste Safely

Hazardous wastes are unwanted materials that may cause illnesses or death to human beings, plants and animals. Most of such wastes are actually poisonous, therefore, they need to be disposed of in the most appropriate manner. There are various health organizations that look out for the safety of humanity, animals and plants. These organizations together Read More

You Too Can Get Rid Of That Bulk Trash Laying Around Your Premises!

On average, Australians produce more than 200 million tons of rubbish each year. Whilst most of it is normal kitchen rubbish, a noteworthy portion of it is no longer wanted bulk items. Unfortunately, bulk garbage is not always so cheap or easy to dispose of as evidenced by how much of it is dumped unlawfully. Read More

Facts You Should Know About Recycling In Australia And All Around The World

Recycling has been one of the many endeavours that many people all around the world are concerned about today. This is because this is one of the 5Rs (reduce, reuse, recover and repair are the other four) that are said to help save the environment. Get to know facts about recycling from the land down Read More

Office Management: Why You Should Work With Waste Removal And Disposal Specialists

Removing junk and waste professionally is a task of paramount importance, and this should be encouraged in all offices. This helps the business to maintain a healthy business image and stay compliant with local laws that govern recycling and waste disposal. Responsible waste removal and recycling also helps to reprocess outdated products in an office, Read More