How to Handle Your Post-Christmas Clean-Up

Over the Christmas period, Australians from across the country spread their Yuletide joy by exchanging presents, decorating their homes and businesses, and eating more food than any one person should.

wrapping paper waste

However, what a lot of people don’t often talk about is the aftermath. We’re talking about the piles of unwanted gifts or the second-hand items that need to be thrown out to make way for new items, as well as the excessive household waste after a day of unwrapping presents and feasting on copious amounts of food.


What do you do with all of this waste?


There’s also the question of what you’ll be dong with your Christmas break? If you’re not one of the thousands of families heading down the coast to catch a few rays at the beach over a much-needed vacation, you’ll finally have the time to complete some DIY projects around the home. This could involve cleaning up your yard, finally getting rid of old building material or cutting down that tree that has been dangling precariously close to your back door. Maybe you’re going to embark on a spring clean of epic proportions or are using your time off work to build a new garden shed.


Whatever your ambition, there will most likely be waste involved.


Once you’ve piled up your waste, you could separate it into the garden, general waste, and recycling bin piles and slowly feed it into each bin for the next six months. You could even load your car or trailer up with a mixture of waste and take it to your local tip in the hope it would end up in the right place. Or, you could contact Bulk Waste Collection and have us deliver a skip bin right to your doorstep.


Easy and Responsible Waste Removal with Bulk Waste Collection

 post christmas waste

We make bin hire Perth easy. The last thing you want after Christmas is to get stuck staring at your rubbish and unwanted goods. There’s nothing worse than waking up every morning and looking at something thinking, ‘I need to do that, but I really can’t be bothered’.


Well, we can bring your skip bin right to you, and then take it away when you’re finished loading it. All you have to do is ask! We can provide bins for the following waste categories.


  • Mixed Waste: combination of general light domestic and commercial rubbish
  • Green Waste: grass, leaves, branches trimmings and other garden waste products
  • Clean Fill/Hard Fill: clay, concrete, rocks, dirt, bricks, tiles and other heavy wastes


You can also enjoy your Christmas break knowing your rubbish is in good hands. We’ll make sure it’s all sorted and disposed of properly and sustainably.


If you’re looking for skip bins in Perth to make cleaning out your house and yard post-Christmas as easy as possible, then look no further than Bulk Waste Collection. We’re the specialists in skip bins Perth, and will make sure your property is waste-free in time for the New Year.


Contact us today to learn more about our Perth waste removal services.

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