Filling a Skip Bin

Although it seems like a self-explanatory task, there are rules and regulations that govern the process of how to correctly fill a skip bin, which are designed for the occupational help and safety of us as skip bin hire providers, and yourselves, as our customers. These rules are enforced by Worksafe WA, Departments of Environment and Department of Road Safety, as well as landfill operators – and failure to comply with them can incur additional charges, which will be passed on to you if responsibilities are breached.


Rules of Filling a Skip Bin


  • Only ever fill skips to the top. Overfill the skip bins is an occupational health and safety hazard that puts you and us in risk, and can incur additional charges.
  • Keep waste fully inside the bin. Having waste flapping over the sides puts our drivers and other drivers at risk on the roads
  • Load the bin evenly. Always try to load heaviest items evenly at the bottom, and lighter items on top for obvious balance purposes
  • Do not fill past ‘heavy’ lines on bins. If your bin has a heavy line, you must not fill beyond it, as overweight bins can’t be picked up by our trucks, and put our operators at risk
  • Do not place any hazardous materials in the bins. Including asbestos, paint, oils, gas bottles, tyres, batteries, food waste, chemicals, etc.
  • Do not attempt to move the bin from the agreed upon location decided when the bin was dropped off by our operator


Bin Safety

Like any big and heavy item, it is important to observe certain safety precautions around skip bins – not only when they are delivered and picked up, but at all times.

When preparing for skip bin delivery, ensure there is enough room for the skip bin you have ordered (see dimensions on our ‘Skip Bin Sizes’ page, and that the proposed area is flat and level. Our trucks need ample room to be able to drop off and pick up skip bins, including approx. 3.5m width, as well as 6m vertical clearance from trees, and 8m from power lines, to comply with WA Worksafe legislation.

When filling the skip, always fill heaviest items first when possible, and avoid throwing or slinging heavy items up over the edges, for your own personally safety.

It’s a good idea to think ahead when planning your bin’s delivery location, as hirers are not entitled to move the bin from its original delivery position.

Drivers are entitled to remove items from bins of overfilled, refuse pick-up bin, or stipulate additional charges. Hirer’s are accountable for any damages incurred to the bin on site during the hire period.

For further information on filling your hired skip bin, please contact the professionals at Bulk Waste Collection Perth.