What type of skip bin do I need?

Well, that really depends on the waste you want to get rid of! We offer a variety of different sized bins, from 2 – 10 cubic metres. Check out our handy “Skip Bin Sizes” page for a guide on wheelie bin and trailer loads to help you decide in a skip bin size.


Does type of waste matter?

Yes, we provide different skip bins for a range of different waste types at different prices, including:

Mixed Waste

  • Mix of products including light domestic waste and light construction waste

Green Waste

  • Grass, leaves, bark, tree trimmings, small branches, weeds

Clean Fill/Hard Fill

  • Clay, concrete, bricks, rocks and ceramic tiles

Steel Waste

  • Steel waste material

Check out our “Waste Types” page for more information.

What can’t go in the skip bin?

Hazardous materials may not go in the skip bins, including but not limited to asbestos, paint products, oils, food waste, liquids, gas bottles, hazardous waste or tyres. Your local government needs to be contacted to acquire the correct method of disposal for these wastes.

What if I’m not finished with the skip bin by pick-up day?

If an unforeseen incident has occurred where you need the bin for a longer period you should contact us as soon as possible. Provided that the bin has not been hired out to another client we can extend the period of the bin hire.

When and how do I pay for the skip bin?

All skip bins are to be paid on delivery.

Can I move the skip bin?

No, the bin has to remain in the position you and the truck operator have agreed on upon delivery.

Who is responsible for the skip bin?

The person that hired the skip bin is responsible for the bin. Additional charges may occur if the wrong type of waste is found in the skip bins.

How high can I fill the bin?

The skip bins can only be filled to the top of the bins only, overfilling is a occupational health and safety hazard and puts the safety of our truck operators at risk.

A Bobcat operator is filling my bin for me…

If a bobcat operator is responsible for filling your bin, please make sure he is aware of your legal and contractual obligations, and does not try to:

  1. Move the bin
  2. Put inappropriate waste in the bin
  3. Overfill the bin

Naturally, people who are not responsible for the bin hire have a lower regard for your obligations, and could end up costing YOU. Always make sure everyone filing the bin is aware of the skip bin hire terms and conditions.

Can the skip bin be placed on the road?

Not without obtaining a permit from your local council or shire, which would have to be obtained and provided to us prior to the skip being delivered. We can provide safety lights and bunting if required at additional cost.

How much room do I need for delivery?

Our delivery trucks are larger than your average car, and will need approx. 3.5m width to drop off your bin, as well as a 6m vertical clearance from trees, or 8m from power lines – complying with WA Worksafe legislation.

What should I do before delivery?

Ensure there is enough space for our truck to drop off the bin, and space for the bin to sit (make sure your rubbish is where the bin needs to go). We advise ensuring you have keys for all vehicles on the work site in case they need to be moved, to avoid extra charges associated with a failed drop-off.

Do the skip bins have doors?

Yes, almost all of our skip bins have doors for wheelbarrow access. Please ask for a wheelbarrow access door before booking if required.