What Are The Common Types Of Wastes That Can Go Into A Skip Bin?

Many times, you may have heard about using a skip bin to eliminate waste in your home or in your office. But there are instances when you may be wondering what types of wastes actually go into the skip bin. In this regard, we encourage you to read more so you will be prepared with what you should send off once the service provider picks up your waste for you.

Building waste

This type of waste includes everything from those that were used to build the structure or anything that may have come out from a demolition. Skip bin hire providers can pick up these materials for you. This will include anything from windows, doors and kitchen cupboards to flooring, plasterboard and timber. Whilst you are allowed to put in glass into the skip bin, the provider will not allow disposal of mirrors though.

Broken bricks and concrete

Many times, you may have seen some broken slabs or paths in your driveways. Cemented walls may have been broken as well. Before you even plan of replacing all these broken pieces, you have to consider hiring a skip bin service provider. Yes, they can take charge and dispose of all these broken pieces of bricks and concrete for you thus eliminating your problem on how to properly let go of them.

Clear-outs (both from your homes and offices)

You may have been segregating items that you can use and cannot use in your homes and offices. You noticed that along the way, there are items ready for throwing off. It is good to note that you can dispose some of these things with the help of a skip bin. Which items are allowed to go in there? It will include toys, old tools, books, appliances and furniture amongst others.


Electronics waste

Many people find trouble when it comes to disposing their electronic gadgets because they are concerned about the items that go into the landfill. With skip bin hire services, this is less of a concern already. Such services accept wastes like computer, laptop and printers.

Green waste

You may be cleaning your surroundings from time to time. When this is the case, it is already usual to remove branches or even cut off some portions of trees to keep the area clean. Alongside this, untreated timber will also be a concern. These wastes can easily go into the skip bin, no questions asked.

Things you should not throw into the skip bin

If the above items are part of the list of wastes that skip bin hire can collect for you, remember that there are also items that you should exclude from it. Harmful materials like asbestosis are not acceptable since these ones pose hazard to the environment and must be disposed in a different manner.

Now that you are already familiar with items you can dispose with the help of skip bin hire, it is high time to get your act together. Collect your waste materials properly and always dispose them properly in your skip bins!

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