Commercial Skip Bin Hire

Bulk Waste Collection offers reliable and affordable commercial waste management services to businesses across Perth.

Some of the main types of businesses we can provide skip bins for in Perth include:

  • Building and construction companies
  • Renovation contractors or businesses
  • Landscapers and outdoor professionals
  • Manufacturing companies
  • We can also assist businesses in the retail, hospitality and mining sectors, among others.

We can also assist any business that has large quantities of waste to be taken care of. 

Long-Term Skip Bin Hire in Perth


To make waste collection a simple, hassle-free process for our commercial clients, the team at Bulk Waste Collection can set you up with one of our long-term skip bin hire contracts. These are available for clients who would like to have a skip bin on-site on a permanent or semi-permanent basis. When it comes time for your bin to be emptied, we can either manage this on a regular collection schedule or an ad-hoc basis.


What Can and Can’t be Thrown Into Your Hired Skip Bin?


Skip bins can be filled with a combination of waste, including mixed waste, green waste, clean fill and hard fill waste, as well as steel waste.

These categories encompass the following:

Mixed Waste – A mix of products, including light domestic waste and light construction waste

Green Waste – Grass, leaves, bark, tree trimmings, small branches, weeds, and etc

Clean fill/Hard fill – Clay, concrete, bricks, rocks and ceramic tiles

Steel Waste – Steel waste material

However, there are some types of waste that are commonly collected by businesses that can’t be disposed of in our skip bins, unless prior arrangements have been made. This includes any hazardous substances and items like asbestos, batteries and oils. Food waste is anther type of waste we usually don’t accept, as well as tyres, large tree stumps and any fridges, freezes or air conditioning units, unless they’ve been de-gassed.

However, if you are unsure whether or not we can handle your waste requirements, or what to do with your hazardous waste, you can contact us for more information.

At Bulk Waste Collection, we take great pride in our ability to provide reliable and efficient commercial waste disposal services, while still adhering to Western Australia’s strict codes and regulations and upholding our sustainable waste practices.

If your business is based in Perth or surrounding areas, talk to the team at Bulk Waste Collection about how we can help clean up your business today!