Is Your Coffee Addiction Harming the Environment?

ABC’s recent mini-series, War on Waste, has drawn attention to a number of waste issues affecting Australia. As a waste management company in Perth, we’re no strangers to the rubbish epidemic that’s plaguing our nation, which is why we value the extra exposure and waste initiatives that have been explored in the series.

Australia’s coffee cup problem is a particular area of concern, as the plastic lining in the cups makes it very difficult to recycle them, and Australians go through roughly 113 cups every four seconds.

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But, just how bad is our coffee cup situation?

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Despite claims that coffee cups are biodegradable or compostable, many of these cups aren’t actually suitable for recycling, so they clog up recycling streams. This is a particularly big problem because many recycling plants simply don’t have the facilities to biodegrade the cups and their lids because of the type of plastics used to produce them.

After the precious resources used to bring each coffee cup from the production line to our favourite coffee shop, they’re typically only used for a few minutes before they’re thrown into the bin.

However, the solution to this issue is laughably simple – BYO coffee cups! Luckily, the Responsible Cafes initiative, which was featured on ABC’s War on Waste, has encouraged 450 cafes, 26 councils and dozens of environmental and community groups to spread the BYO coffee cup word.

The initiative has been building a responsible reuse culture by connecting cafés and coffee lovers through their shared love of all things coffee. By bringing in your own reusable cup, these cafes and coffee shops are offering their customers a discount, which ranges in price from 30 cents to a dollar.

Each café is listed on a national map, so you can find your nearest participating location here!

Your one person coffee addiction might not seem like it will make much of a difference, however, by choosing to bring your own cup, you’ll not only be doing your part for the environment, you’ll also be saving money along the way.

To learn more about responsible waste management in Perth or to hire a skip bin for your waste disposal needs, contact the team at Bulk Waste Collection today!

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