The Benefits of Green Waste Recycling

recycling green waste

We all know how important it is to recycle household items like cardboard and plastic bottles, but did you know that green waste needs to be recycled as well?

Many of us fall into the trap of thinking green waste is entirely biodegradable, so how we dispose of it doesn’t really matter – right? Well, unfortunately this isn’t the case. When organic waste ends up in trash landfills it produces odorous gases and methane, which are 25 times worse than carbon dioxide when it comes to polluting our planet.

To minimise our global footprint it’s essential that all green waste in Perth, and across the country, is properly recycled.

What is Classed as Green Waste?

Green waste is biodegradable waste that can be turned into compost. Common forms of organic waste include garden cuttings, such as grass and hedge trimmings, as well as food waste, such as apple cores.

 Why is it Green Waste Recycling Important?

As previously mentioned, if green waste is thrown in with our normal rubbish collection it will end up in landfills. When this happens, all of the organic material is forced to decompose without oxygen (anaerobically). This type of decomposition produces leachate, which impacts the environment negatively, and is a massive contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

If this leachate production isn’t contained it can leak into waterways and pollute our water resources.

However, when we throw all of our residential organic waste into our gardening rubbish bins, or ensure any commercial green waste is taken to the appropriate recycling depot, our waste will have the opposite effect!

Green waste that is disposed of properly will be composted. Composting is a natural process of decomposition that uses oxygen (aerobically), and is better for the environment as it produces useful materials that can be used to improve soil conditions.

When your green waste is composted it will be turned into natural soil conditioning products, such as potting mixes, blended soils, mulches, and of course, composts. All of these products are commonly used for landscaping purposes and will give something back to the environment by enriching the soil and helping to grow healthy crops. Your composted green waste can also help improve the nutrient retaining properties in soil, encourage plants to develop deeper root systems, and reduce the need for pesticides and synthetic fertilisers, which is a win/win all round!

If you need to dispose of bulk green waste in Perth, the team at Bulk Waste Collection can help! We’re big advocators of responsible waste management, and will ensure your waste is taken to the appropriate recycling facility where it can be turned into compost.


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