5 of the Weirdest Things Found in Skip Bins

Most skip bins are filled with plain old rubbish, but every now and again, people stumble across a bit of thrown out treasure, or, much to their dismay, ‘trash’ that’s a little more sinister.

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Here, we take a look at five of the most wonderful and outright strange things that have been found in skip bins.

One Man’s Trash, Another Man’s Treasure

A security guard in a high-end apartment complex has become a dumpster diver after he stumbled across a fully-functional oven in pretty good knick that somebody had thrown out. Now, it’s not uncommon for him to find everything from jewellery that’s in perfect condition to designer clothes and handbags with the tags still on.

Obviously, for your own safety and in accordance with the law, we don’t condone dumpster diving in any way, but this lucky security guard has sure found an easy way to earn a little extra cash.

A Dumping Ground for Police Evidence

While scavenging through the trash, a man found a police evidence bag hanging from an open bag. Carefully packed within the bag was a mobile phone, 100 grams of marijuana and other drug paraphernalia. The unidentified man dropped the evidence bag at the front steps of a local police station with a note detailing his unexpected find. However, he never did reveal himself to the police.

Even though missing police evidence in the trash might seem like a shocker to a lot of people, police have actually found much worse inside skip bins and residential or commercial rubbish bins. Everything from weapons to drugs and stolen goods, to the unthinkable, bodies and body parts, have been discovered buried in amongst everyday waste.

A Baby Miracle

It’s not all that uncommon for babies to be found in skip bins or abandoned in unthinkable places, but at least for this child, his story of abandonment came with a happy ending.

In 2012, a baby was found abandoned in a dumpster by a passerby who heard the child’s crying. He immediately took the child to the hospital and told the authorities what had happened.

The baby turned out to be in perfect health, and the man who found the little boy and his wife later adopted the child, as they had no children of their own.


This seems almost too terrible to even think about, but it happens more often than you might expect. While the odd stray cat or possum sometimes finds its way unexpectedly into a skip bin, a passer-by in Toowoomba, Queensland got a little more than he bargained for when he found seven puppies trapped in a skip bin.

puppies found in rubbish bin

The puppies were taken to Herriot House Veterinary Surgery, where they were treated and later put up for adoption.

WWII Code Breaking

A man who worked at a recycling plant once stumbled across an Enigma machine that had been thrown out. An Enigma machine is an encryption device that was used by the Nazis in WWII to send encoded messages. The machine, when found, was worth US $10,000.

Have you ever found something weird in the trash?

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